Industry Group Launches Entertainment Registry

by Parks Associates | Oct. 29, 2010

A new industry initiative is underway to tag every commercial digital video worldwide, helping group every asset into one catalog with the hopes of streamlining digital delivery and simplify commercial transactions of digital video. The intiative, Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), aims to simplify the task of tracking all of the millions of new videos coming from content companies and distribution channels, making life easier for everyone in the digital entertainment supply chain.

Much like International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the book industry, the EIDR would assign a single, unique identification code to movie and TV assets. But because of the different versions of single video assets — including different version edits, formats, regions, languages, subtitles, standard definition, high-def and so on — the sheer amount of digital tags EIDR will have to undertake will be much larger than any other media tagging ever undertaken.

The international coalition is being led by MovieLabs, CableLabs, Comcast and Rovi, and four of the six major studios — Warner, Paramount, Disney and Sony — have backed the initiative, with Fox and Paramount in talks with the group, Powers said. The Motion Picture Association of America, Deluxe Digital Studios, Neustar, Civolution and Vobile are also among the industry groups that have also signed on. The service is expected to get off the ground in 2011. The group is an independent nonprofit supported by member dues, and the system is built on an open Digital Object Identifier [DOI] standard. The International DOI Foundation has 10,000 organizations worldwide using its registry system.

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