Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In Every Dream Home a Security Heartache

Further research into the topic by Parks Associates concurred with the F&S/CABA study’s general thrust that IoT is a land of plenty offering consumers convenience, efficiency, collaboration and expanded products and services. Worryingly, though, it added that concerns about privacy and data security posed major challenges to the industry; identity theft, invasive data mining, cyber-terrorism, and physical dangers from hacked devices were scaring consumers. It urged the industry that it had a duty to safeguard consumers and the data that is an extension of them.

In the survey, approximately half of broadband households expressed privacy or security concerns about smart home devices. Identity theft or data theft by hackers was the first or second leading privacy concern in eight of nine product categories surveyed. “Essentially, with big data comes big responsibility,” Parks warned.

On a brighter note, Parks also revealed that a combination of privacy rights can relieve up to 74% of privacy concerns. (Apart from those worrying about their Ashley Madison account?)

From the article "In Every Dream Home a Security Heartache" by Joe O'Halloran.

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