Wednesday, July 09, 2014

How Your Phone Can Help You Get a Mortgage

After you move in, the next step -- aside from unpacking -- is to start paying that money back.

That's where, most likely, your lender's app can come in.

"They already have their money. They already have a relationship with them," says Jennifer Kent, senior analyst at Parks Associates, of banks and customers.

Even if you didn't use your phone in any other part of the mortgage process, you may to pay it back, even if it's just a reminder. According to the Federal Reserve, 24% of all mobile users have used their phone to pay a bill. Of those, 53% received email alerts from their bank and 43% received text message alerts.

This is why a loan provider's mobile app with bill pay may be appealing, though you'll usually need to set up the service from the lender's website.

From the article "How Your Phone Can Help You Get a Mortgage" by Jen A. Miller.

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