Friday, November 20, 2015

Health Data Security, Privacy Concerns Hinder IT Outsourcing

Eighty-one percent of those who do not have BYOD policy in place reported that it’s primarily due to the importance of health data security, Spok found. Furthermore, 62 percent of those with a BYOD policy said health data security is the biggest challenge when it comes to effective personal device use.

“Looking to the future, leaders are seeking broader solutions to facilitate better transfer of information for comprehensive workflow improvements and optimal patient care throughout the hospital facility,” the survey explained. “BYOD is a small piece of a much larger puzzle that is taking time for many institutions to frame and fill in the pieces.”

Consumers have also shown concern when it comes to their own health data security, with a recent Parks Associates survey finding that 23 percent of US broadband households have health data privacy and security concerns when it comes to connected devices.

Parks Associates also showed that 41 percent of consumers are worried about health data privacy and security with smartphones, while 42 percent of those surveyed have concerns with tablets.

From the article "Health Data Security, Privacy Concerns Hinder IT Outsourcing" by Elizabeth Snell.

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