Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Google Gives Android Devs a Kit to Tinker With

The one-two punch of news is generating plenty of buzz within the mobile industry, and one thing's for sure: All eyes are now on Google to see if it will revolutionize the cell phone, or just fall flat.

"For the consumer, at the end of the day, what really matters is what can I do with the phone," Parks Associates Director of Research John Barrett told LinuxInsider. "If Android allows you to do things you can't do otherwise and it's better, then consumers will start to say, 'I know what this is, and I want it.' That's going to be hard to get to that point," he predicted.

Getting to that point, Barrett believes, may ultimately boil down to the providers.

"To me, the key variable is really not so much Android. ... It's your big mobile phone operators that command most of the market share and how are they going to act and react," he noted.

"I think the idea behind Android is a good one -- the idea of having an open platform -- but at the same time, phones are different from computers. Most people don't realize their phone has an OS on it, much less care about what OS it has," Barrett concluded.

From the article, "Google Gives Android Devs a Kit to Tinker With" by JR Raphael

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