Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Google (GOOG) Trouncing AAPL, AMZN in War for Living Room


While AAPL was one of the first to see and seize the opportunity back in 2007 with its Apple TV, that first-mover advantage was squandered. InvestorPlace contributor Brad Moon writes:

“A report released by Parks Associates shows that Google’s Chromecast – not even a blip on the sales charts in 2013 – has now surpassed the Apple TV in sales. Amazon’s Fire TV has sold well enough since its April debut that it’s already threatening to catch the Apple TV.”

Not only has the cord-cutting revolution given consumers a far wider host of entertainment options, it has turned mobile devices and computers into remote controls for the TV. (Remote controls that can pull content from the internet, of course).

From the article "Google (GOOG) Trouncing AAPL, AMZN in War for Living Room" by John Divine.

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