Global adoption of 4G/LTE exceeds 50 million subscribers in 2012

by Parks Associates | Jul. 24, 2012

The Asia & Pacific region is poised to overtake North America this year in number of 4G/LTE subscribers, thanks to large gains in South Korea and Japan.

A new report "Driving 4G Adoption: Global Mobile Innovation" finds Asia & Pacific will claim over 53% of all 4G/LTE subscribers by the end the year, helping push the total number of subscribers over 560 million globally by 2016.

Fifteen carriers in Asia & Pacific now have live LTE services, with affordable pricing models that prompt robust subscriber growth in this region. Mobile operators worldwide have committed to 4G/LTE as the network technology of the future, but financial conditions, handset costs, and spectrum license availability will all influence the pace and scope of regional deployments.

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