Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gap between Roku and Apple TV is widening

A month later, Roku said its set-top box was more popular for streaming than Apple TV and now a report from researcher Parks Associates reveals that a gap between Roku’s and Apple’s device is widening…

Survey data reported by CNET indicates that Apple’s device remains a distant second in both usage and hardware purchases.

In US households last year, nearly half of all purchases of set-top boxes — small electronics that stream online video and music on your TV — were Rokus, and it remains the device with the greatest usage among people who stream media to their TVs, according to a report from researcher Parks Associates Wednesday.

Specifically, 44 percent of US broadband households that own a streaming-media box used a Roku the most versus 26 percent for the Apple TV, an eighteen-point difference. By comparison, last year the difference was thirteen points so the gap between Roku and Apple is definitely widening.

From the article "Gap between Roku and Apple TV is widening" by Christian Zibreg.


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