Friday, October 02, 2015

Future-Proofing New Homes

For home builders, home technology ranging from security, safety, comfort, lighting, and environment systems, to appliances, to infotainment, to linkages to others (humans, things, networks, etc.), the prefer-vs.-pay-for debate includes a subtle though powerful third factor, a triangulatior question. Namely, beyond the question of what people say they'd prefer, and what they'd agree to pay for, it's more and more often going to be a question of what they expect.

Parks Associates research director Brett Sappington was on hand this week at our BUILDER Connections event in Dallas, to address some of the " Trend Vs. Fad" questions and observations about home technology and new home design, engineering, and functionality.

One of Sappington's key points was this. Believe it or not, people are not even especially aware when it comes to "smart home" as an offering. Here's Parks' data on people's "familiarity" with the concept.

From the article "Future-Proofing New Homes" by John McManus.

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