Everything Google is everything you need

by Tu Skuse | Oct. 4, 2016

Everything Google announced today (10/4) at the Pixel hardware event is the first tech giants’ movement of October. Google CEO Sundar Pichai implied that the company desires to build an ecosystem around users. As proof, here are some of the “Google goodies” that will enhance personalization and customized experience for you:

  • Pixel and Pixel XL: smartphones that come in Quite Black, Really Blue or Very Silver, with exceptional camera that is complimented with free Google Photos unlimited storage
  • Daydream ‘View’: a new, light and soft VR headset which come with controllers for an also-soft price of $79
  • Chromecast Ultra: this new Chromecast allows you to stream 4K to your TV and will also cost you double what Chromecast 2 costs
  • Google Home: a smart assistant with central idea of using voice control with contextual awareness that can tailor to your use habit
  • Google Wifi: to support all above mentioned devices in the ecosystem, Google has offered a device that can connect them all – a router to extend your wireless connection

If you are an Android fan and plan to “go all the way,” you now can. Everything Google is indeed everything you ever need. It is a giant net to cover your life and address all needs of communication and entertainment. According to Parks Associates, by Q1 of 2016, 20% of US broadband households own multiple products from Google. My guess is, with Everything Google, together with other Google hardware like Nest, this number will likely increase in the next 12 months.

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