Friday, August 22, 2008

European solidarity crumbling on digital mobile TV

Beta NewsIn his paper "No Way to Regulate: Mobile TV in Europe," Parks Associates Director of Research John Barrett wrote, "Unfortunately, the market and technological conditions [bear] little resemblance to the GSM scenario regulators faced in the early eighties. For starters, spectrum availability differs from country to country. DVB-H is ideally suited for the UHF TV spectrum, but in some markets (the U.K., France, etc.), TV broadcasters are still using these frequencies and will not fully vacate them until around 2012.

"Secondly, the use of DVB-H denies operators the possibility of leveraging established network infrastructure," Barrett continued. "As a counterpoint to DVB-H, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) technology is designed to piggyback on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio networks, which are deployed extensively in Holland, the U.K., and Germany."

From the article, "European solidarity crumbling on digital mobile TV" by Tim Conneally

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