Thursday, January 23, 2014

EcoFactor Debuts Residential HVAC Performance Monitoring Service

The results of the trial support the widely-held belief in the HVAC industry that millions of American homes have problems with their heating and cooling systems that go undetected - problems that represent big opportunities to save both energy and money. More significant was the finding that many of these issues can be accurately recognized through data analytics. EcoFactor discovered that six percent of all households in the trial had HVAC system problems that wasted energy and often compromised comfort as well. Furthermore, 68 percent of consumers who experienced issues were unaware that there was a problem. Many of the issues uncovered by EcoFactor's HPM service would likely have resulted in catastrophic equipment failure possibly costing thousands of dollars to fix if left untreated.

"HVAC dealers will line up for this service because it enhances the value of their HVAC service contracts and lowers customer acquisition costs. In addition, keeping a product running at peak efficiency over its lifetime provides pervasive savings, making it ideally suited for utility energy efficiency incentives. Many utilities are in the process of integrating fault detection into their energy efficiency programs," says Tom Kerber, Director of Research at Parks Associates.

From the article, "EcoFactor Debuts Residential HVAC Performance Monitoring Service." 

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