Thursday, August 20, 2015

Drive Til-You-Qualify May Not Be What it Was

How will such evolving functions, an increased emphasis on community "walkability," and neighborhood "programming" around trails, proximity to grocery, schools, health, etc., and social connections, etc. create an impetus for new designs, materials, and features in what has been a fairly standard structure to shelter human-driven vehicles.

Already, affinities between smart cars and smart homes are the subject of more and more research, as we see here from Parks Associates, which plots early adopters and traction for smart tech in both spheres.

In 2015, these ecosystems are beginning to converge, with particular use cases, such as remote home controls, entertainment on-the-go, and home energy management emerging at the intersection. However, significant obstacles and issues must be addressed before players can begin to take advantage of crossover opportunities.

From the article "Drive Til-You-Qualify May Not Be What it Was"  by John McManus.

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