Domino’s Pizza deal with Lionsgate U.K. for streaming video adds spice to OTT space

by Parks Associates | Nov. 1, 2012

Some marriages are made in heaven. Consider Batman and Robin, butter and popcorn, and football and Saturday afternoons among them.

Lionsgate U.K. may have just found a mate that will add to that list: Pizza and streaming video.

The studio this week tied the knot on a deal with Domino’s Pizza, giving the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based pizza delivery company the right to stream Lionsgate movies in the United Kingdom. There are nearly 750 Domino’s Pizza stores throughout the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.

Customers will be able to order movies like The Hunger Games, and older titles including the Scream trilogy, Dirty Dancing and moredirectly from Domino’s website when they order their pizza. Current and new releases cost $5.64 and library titles cost about $4.

Customers get a download code when they order a pizza online and have access to the video on a Mac, PC or smartphone for 48 hours. The deal makes Domino’s the first U.K. company to deliver movies alongside pizza.

The deal is an interesting one, in that it creates yet another delivery stream for content owners in aU.K. OTT space that is even more competitive than that in the United States.

If the scheme gains traction -- even a little -- don’t be surprised to see a similar offering make its way back across the pond and land on U.S. shores. Unlike Pay-TV operators, content owners won’t pause too long in looking to new delivery outlets, especially ones, like the Domino’s deal, that give them new partnerships and more direct access to new audiences.

Check out the release here.

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