Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Digital lockdown: Startup Canary pushes high-tech home security

Canary has been flying high since its record-breaking Indiegogo launch in 2013. It raised a then-record $2 million by selling more than 16,000 units to homes in 78 countries.

Maia Hinkle, research analyst for Parks Associates, says it’s important to build on that momentum. “These types of campaigns are successful when consumers believe that the product or service is both novel and delivers value. The high ratings in the app stores indicate that Canary is delivering on its promise.”

Hinkle added, “By (Canary) positioning itself in retail, consumers will have the opportunity to visit 2,500 locations and test the product for themselves. After evaluating the product in-person, the consumer can buy with confidence.”

From the article "Digital lockdown: Startup Canary pushes high-tech home security" by Robert Gray.

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