Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Despite The Name, Report Finds “Mobile Games” Are Played Most Often At Home

In a statement today, Parks Associates Research Analyst Pietro Macchiarella said it’s interesting to see the study proving that mobile games, which are fueled by powerful hardware and operating systems, are now beginning to compete for the very same couch that was once owned outright by console gaming. “The growth in tablet penetration will have an enormous impact on the size of the mobile gaming market,” the analyst concluded.

A separate study conducted by Parks Associates, called “Online Gaming and Digital Distribution,” supported the analyst’s supposition, finding that 71 percent of adults and 79 percent of teen tablet owners play games on their tablets for at least one hour per month. And as to which of the leading operating systems is winning the HTML5 gaming race, spaceport.io found in a recent study that iOS performs 3-times faster than Android. Not only that, but iOS devices and browsers (iPhone, iPad, and Safari) outshone their competitor across the board when it came to rendering movement on-screen.

From the article, "Despite The Name, Report Finds “Mobile Games” Are Played Most Often At Home" by Rip Empson

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