Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dell beat Apple to gain another victory into the United States would most like to buy tables electric brand

Reporter Chen Ling reports Apple's magic can not stop! Not only smart phones, tablet PCs sold scare called, the latest survey shows that for the first time this year, Apple beat Dell ( Dell ), became the most American consumers want to buy the Christmas holidays desktop brand . CNET and AppleInsider reports, research and technology transfer institutions Parks Associates 4 released data, Apple is the number one brand of holiday shopping wishlist consumer electronics goods, not only in notebooks retained the title, tablets, streaming set-top boxes in the field, this year The first squeeze even more years of Dell Pa, electrical products come out on top in the table. Parks Associates consumer analysis department head John Barrett pointed out that Dell tables in 2011 and 2012 are the number one brand of electric, now replaced by Apple; apples in more consumer electronics field, won the title of most popular brands. Survey shows that most want to buy the brand by Apple king electric tables, ranking third subordination Dell, HP; Taiwan Double A Acer (2353), Asus (2357) then won the fourth, five. Tablet computers by Apple ranks highest, Amazon ( Amazon ) Kindle ranked second, while the third son of Samsung, Microsoft Surface ranked fourth, Acer relegated to fifth. But Barrett warned that elected the most popular brands is certainly good, but the actual purchase can still change the mind of consumers. To Apple TV, for example, 34 percent of consumers said they plan last year 18-34 to buy Apple TV, 15% buy the Roku streaming set-top box; but the actual purchase survey showed that only 24% Tiangou Apple TV, 29% change to buy Roku.

From the article, "Dell beat Apple to gain another victory into the United States would most like to buy tables electric brand" by Chen Ling.


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