Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Customers Demand QOS For OTT TV

Traditional TV service providers shouldn't assume that over-the-top providers are getting off easy in the court of public opinion.

Consumers expect the same TV user experience throughout their home, regardless of whether the service is offered via over-the-top, managed operator network, satellite or other type of delivery. Expectations also remain the same regardless of the receiving device, including set-top box or connected CE device.

That's what Parks Associates, the international market research firm, found in new research.

"While some operators might see OTT delivery or use on a connected CE device as a way to offer a slimmed-down version of their user interface, consumers still expect the full-feature service and interface experience regardless of how it is delivered to the TV," said Brett Sappington, director, research, Parks Associates.

Set-top box middleware must also accommodate the interoperation and virtualization of features among CPE devices, which will add substantially to the software's complexity, Parks reports.

"While cost is often mentioned as a key motivator, the trend of multiscreen content consumption is perhaps a greater driver of change in set-top boxes," Sappington said. "Many operators now believe that the business of video services has fundamentally changed, and full IP distribution of content is the next evolutionary step for the pay-TV industry. Our research shows 4K TVs will reach mass-market pricing in the next two years, which will put even greater pressure on video delivery systems."

From the article "Customers Demand QOS For OTT TV"by Craig Galbraith.


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