Saturday, August 30, 2008

Consumers will spend billions on TV-based Internet video by 2013

Online video viewed on TV sets will lead to an explosion of consumer spending: $6 billion by 2013, says a report by Park Associates. “Consumption of premium Internet video content to date has been low,” said Parks Associates.

“Services have been available only on less-than-optimal screens – PCs and portable multimedia players. But new connected products that link to premium Internet video services are emerging at a rapid pace, moving the Internet video viewing experience into the living room. This shift will help grow revenues considerably.”

This report finds that greater ownership of connected game consoles, networked TVs and alternative video-on-demand set-top receivers is generating significant growth in user-paid revenues (Apple TV is, in our view, one of those best examples).

This consultancy says that the Internet video market is maturing as portals, aggregators, broadcasters, and other content creators and publishers are developing go-to-TV approaches and ad-supported premium video services. “Future areas to watch include ad-supported movie streams, new targeted advertising approaches, and Hollywood’s efforts to offer more electronically distributed content through download-to-burn kiosks and other manufacturing-on-demand outlets.”

From the article, "Consumers will spend billions on TV-based Internet video by 2013" by M. AMIGOT


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