Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Consoles vying for center stage

If your home doesn't already have some sort of network of high-tech gadgets, there's a good chance it will in four years. At least that's the prediction of Parks Associates, a firm that studies the market of digital technology. A report last month from the analyst group pegged 2010 as the time when about 30 million homes in the United States will run connected entertainment networks.

"Consoles thrive on ease of use," Parks Associates analyst Michael Cai told GameSpot. "The popularity of console gaming partially comes from the fact that you don't need to reconfigure your console every time you play a different game."

"The digital-home concept has two parts," Harry Wang said. "One is about entertainment; the other is about home management and home control. If we just talk about entertainment, that is the vision of the digital home."

"It's all about users' demand for anywhere, anytime, and in a way they want. If you provide this opportunity...the sales of those devices with networking support will also go up," Harry Wang said. "That's a big incentive for [companies] to look at these numbers and examine what they can do to give consumers the experience that they want."

From the article "Consoles vying for center stage," by Patrick Caldwell.

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