CONNECTIONS Keynotes Address Machine Learning, User Interfaces and Experiences, Channel Distribution, and Enabling Technologies for the Connected Consumer

by Parks Associates | May. 22, 2017

CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, May 23-25 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, is the premier connected home event hosting over 700 executives from the connected entertainment, IoT, and smart home industries.

We are proud to announce our keynote speakers for this year’s event:

Tuesday, May 23

4:30 PM Keynote - Humanizing Connected Home Experiences: Using Machine Learning and Voice Control - Regency Ballroom

Sridhar Solur, Senior Vice President, Product & Development for Xfinity Home, Internet of Things, and Data Services, Comcast

Connected home innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Sri Solur shares how innovations in machine intelligence (including AI and machine learning), voice controls, and IoT have formed the springboard to propel the next great leap in connected home innovation.

Wednesday, May 24

9:30 AM Keynote - Finally Delivering on the Promise of the Smart Home  

Matt Eyring, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Vivint Smart Home

Matt Eyring discusses how recent advances in technology, user interfaces, and channel distribution will dramatically accelerate mass-market smart home adoption in the coming year.

2:15 PM Keynote - What About the Customer? Bridging the Divide in Smart Home Services 

Kristine Faulkner, SVP / GM, COX Homelife, Cox Communications

No doubt we are in exciting times as the BIG wave of smart home technologies advances and brings great change to how we live. But how do we filter through the hype and understand where customers truly are in the smart home and IoT journey? Consumers entering the market today are mostly first-time buyers, and we need to meet people where they are today. Kristine shares how we as an industry need to think about bridging the divide between hype and future mass consumerization of smart home services.

5:00 PM Keynote - The Smart Home: A Domestic Revolution

Miles Kingston, General Manager, Smart Home Group, Intel Corporation

We are on the cusp of another domestic revolution. Similar to the coming of electricity, the advancements in smart home technology present enormous opportunity to ease running the home, enrich quality of life, and provide peace of mind. As we develop and market smart home technology, we need to keep the user experience front of mind. Based on intensive research, Intel has developed solutions for people’s changing relationships with their surroundings, devices, and homes. Miles Kingston, GM of the Intel Smart Home Group, shares a vision for the smart home and how, as an industry, we can get there.

Thursday, May 25

9:45 AM Keynote - Creating a New Foundation to Enhance IoT Experiences in the Home

Rahul Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The connected home is at the intersection of the mobile revolution and the Internet of Things. A dizzying array of newly connected things are joining the scores of entertainment and computing products that have become the fixtures of modern life. To support this complex amalgamation of devices, technologies, and services in the home, its foundation – the network – is in the midst of major disruption.

Rahul Patel explains how the transition to distributed or mesh Wi-Fi is fulfilling the promises of a network that just works – bringing drop-dead simplicity and strong connectivity to every corner of the home. But that foundation of connectivity is just the beginning. This keynote also highlights the additional capabilities that are converging in the home network to make the IoT vision a reality for consumers. From centralized management and security, to voice services and machine learning, the home network will play a pivotal role in solving the most significant IoT challenges. And most importantly, a more advanced network will help meet consumer’s unrelenting expectations for simple and high-quality connected experiences at home.

CONNECTIONS™ provides a day of pre-show research workshops highlighting Parks Associates’ consumer data and analysis and two days of conference sessions focused on technology adoption and trends, forecasts for new products and services, evaluation of new business strategies, and recommendations about technology innovations, strategic partnerships, monetization opportunities, and value-added services.

The event provides executive networking opportunities and insights from industry leaders on entertainment, mobile, and smart home market segments. Throughout the event, sponsors offer tabletop demos during networking events, spotlighting new technology innovations and services. For more information visit or call 972-490-1113.

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