Connected Car Features Offer Innovative Safety, Comfort, and Entertainment Experiences

by Parks Associates | May. 13, 2019

Parks Associates estimates the U.S. will have 169 million actively connected cars, or 56% of all light vehicles, by 2022. Meanwhile, nearly one-quarter of U.S. broadband households own at least one smart home device and the average number of devices owned per household continues to increase each year.

New connected car features offer innovative safety, comfort, and entertainment experiences, including crossover opportunities for the smart home. For example, with a smart home and connected car, consumers can turn on their lights and record video using outdoor cameras if anyone disturbs their vehicle parked in the driveway. The convergence of these two verticals also provides added convenience for consumers by automating many tasks such as turning off the lights, closing the garage door, and activating the alarm system after their car leaves the house.

Parks Associates Connected Car Forecast chart

Parks Associates research also shows 4% of U.S. broadband households have an in-car voice assistant device, such as the Amazon Echo Auto, Roay Viva, or Muse Auto, and 9% plan to buy one in the next 12 months. These devices add voice control to the tens of millions of cars on the road without access to the capability, and offer innovative safety, comfort, and infotainment services. These devices can also limit distracted driving by preventing the regularity of consumers performing activities directly on their smartphone while driving.

Moderated by Chris O’Dell, the CONNECTIONS™ session, “Connected Cars: Extension for the Smart Home,”examines the role of the car as part of the smart home ecosystem, with a profile of car shoppers and their interest in connectivity features, voice control, personalized infotainment and comfort options, and autonomous driving. Speakers also provide insight on new revenue streams and business models emerging out of the connected car, the impact on auto insurance, and best marketing strategies to capture consumer interest.

This session takes place on Wednesday, May 22 from 10:15 a.m to 11:15 a.m. Speakers include:

  • Brian Brackenbury, Director, Connected Products, Gentex Corporation
  • Jan-Philipp Gehrmann, Director, Head of Automotive Sales & Marketing Silicon Valley, NXP
  • Andy Hodge, CEO, Founder, Owl Cameras Inc.
  • Katie McMahon, Vice President and General Manager, SoundHound Inc.
  • Dr. Alan Messer, CTO, Mojio


Parks Associates today announced that the upcoming CONNECTIONS™ conference will feature the Connected Car Corner, by InstallerNet, to highlight the role of smart automotive and mobile solutions in the smart home ecosystem. Connected Car Corner hosts companies with specific solutions and technologies for the connected car.  InstallerNet is a leading expert in the automotive aftermarket with extensive industry knowledge and the most comprehensive database of vehicle technology available. Combined with proprietary technology and technical support, InstallerNet is able to offer manufacturers a complete go-to-market strategy for their brands, offering software, services, fit guides, vehicle research, as well as InstallCard programs covering both automotive aftermarket and smart home products.  

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