Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Confused by all those streaming services? This app is here to help

A Parks Associates survey found that 31% of households had four or more streaming subscriptions in the third quarter of last year, up from 14% a year earlier. The number of streaming platforms has passed 300 in the U.S., more than double the number in 2014, the consultancy said.

“They’re all trying to solve this issue, because consumers are just overwhelmed,” said Parks Associates research director Steve Nason. “They love that they have all this choice but that choice is killing them.”

With the combined cost of the major streaming services already rivaling the cable bundle, it’s unclear whether viewers will want to pay for yet another service to package a lot of content from the more minor players in the streaming wars. Parks Associates’ Nason said consumers may be happy with finding content on the various apps without help from a third party.

From the article "Confused by all those streaming services? This app is here to help" by Ryan Faughnder. 

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