Cognitive Support Webcast Overview

by Parks Associates | Nov. 29, 2018

On November 13, 2018 Parks Associates and CSS Corp co-hosted a complimentary webcast, Cognitive Support Solutions: Delivering the Best Connected Experience, which addressed the following:

  • Consumer expectations for support
  • Consumer satisfaction with current systems
  • Configurations for intelligent systems to minimize support resources
  • Automation built on intelligent devices that deliver personalized connected experiences to consumers
  • Consumer interest in new services created by automated, intelligent systems
  • Outcome-based automation services and its impact on business outcomes

Parks Associates’ Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, and CSS Corp’s Sid Victor, VP and Head of Support Services gave insightful opinions on supporting consumers post purchase. Here are a few highlights:

Samuels started the cast with a brief introduction of the participants and the agenda and then allowed audience members to interact by answering a question about what creates the biggest challenge to positive technical support experiences. She then discussed the changing roles of connected devices in broadband households as technology evolves and consumers expect their devices to be there to support them more regularly.

Samuels then opened another poll question to find out what most inhibits deploying an automated support strategy for audience’s customers, with high IT and technology investment needs being the most among pollers.

Afterward, Victor introduced transforming customer support through cognitive automation, where consumer data is analyzed by bots with deep learning capabilities to provide positive outcomes for technical problems.The webcast recording and slides are available for download.  


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