Chromecast Eclipses Apple TV for Second-Most Popular Streaming Media Device in 2014

by Kaitlin Hawkins | Dec. 3, 2014

Cited in a recent article for the Wall Street Journal, Parks Associates research revealed that Google's Chromecast overtook Apple TV in number of shares in the streaming media market this year. 

The Parks Associates study, which comprised a survey of 10,000 U.S. broadband homes, showed that Roku remains the top choice among consumers for a streaming media device, with 29% of sales to-date this year. However, Google's Chromecast, which launched on the market in mid-2013, took a close second place with 20% of sales, followed by Apple TV with 17% of sales. 

Price, it seems, is key to winning consumers in this space. In 2013, Apple TV was ranked as the second-most popular streaming media device in Parks Associates' study that year, but Chromecast's $35 price tag catapulted it past Apple's most expensive option in 2014. Following Google's lead, Roku began offering a less expensive version earlier this year, and remains the most popular choice, though its shares are being eclipsed by competition.

Regardless of brand, streaming media devices are set to be popular holiday gifts this year, in part, says Parks Associates research director Barbara Kraus, because of their low prices. Parks Associates released research earlier this season showing wearbles and streaming media devices would be the most popular connected CE purchases for 2014 holiday shopping. 

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