Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Chromecast, Roku Slicing up Apple in Streaming Stick Battle

Not even present in the top five last year, Google's Chromecast has climbed into the number two spot and crept up on Roku in the market for streaming media devices, according to new reports.

Roku still has a firm lead in the market for streaming devices, though both Roku and Apple have seen a good chunck of their collective market share consumed by Google and Amazon, according to Parks Associates' latest data on streaming media hardware.

Roku's roughly 46 percent share of the market in 2013 fell to about a 29 percent slice in 2014, while Apple's share dropped from about a 26 percent hold to a 17 percent stake over the same period. Meanwhile Amazon's Fire TV and Google's Chromecast have finally broken into the top five, claiming shares of 10 and 20 percent respectively.

From the article "Chromecast, Roku Slicing up Apple in Streaming Stick Battle" by Quinten Plummer.

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