Thursday, September 19, 2013

Care Innovations Launches Cloud-Based Home Health Platform

Care Innovations recently received FDA clearance to launch its newest telehealth offering, a cloud-based platform for home healthcare management that features communication tools for family caregivers.

Connect RCM (remote care management) eliminates the need for hardware, and its use can reduce the cost of remote care deployments by as much as 50% compared to device-centric solutions, according to the Intel-GE collaboration.

“This could mark the tipping point in telehealth adoption,” said Harry Wang, Director of Research at Parks Associates, in a statement. “Delivering the capabilities of telehealth and remote care management to care recipients via web browser will help healthcare organizations overcome some of the most common barriers to wide-scale adoption of telehealth across large populations, including high per-patient costs involving lengthy hardware deployments and inventory management.”

From the article, "Care Innovations Launches Cloud-Based Home Health Platform" by Alyssa Gerace. 

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