Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buying a Super-Bowl-Worthy TV

But in most cases, retail experts say, the slightly older models are perfectly fine. "Most of what people will buy this season will get them a lot of mileage," says Kurt Scherf, a principal analyst with consulting firm Parks Associates. For those looking to pick up a new set for the big game, here are three tips to consider.

While holiday sales focused on small brands and cheap TVs, current deals encompass a wider range of brands and price points, says Green. That makes it important to check reviews on sites like CNET and Consumer Reports to make sure that an enticing price is for competitive reasons, and not because a set is a dud. Sports fans in particular will want to watch out for slower refresh ratings, which means the set doesn't adjust as well to fast motion, says Scherf.

There's an undeniable appeal of a set capable of playing 3D movies or connecting to the web: "If you want to talk smack to a friend or family member during the Super Bowl on the TV screen itself, you can do that," says Scherf. But such sets still sell for premiums of roughly $200 and these features aren't yet must-haves, says Ramirez. For instance, 3D television content is still limited -- the Super Bowl won't be broadcast in it -- and a web connection can be achieved through devices shoppers may already own, such as a Blu-ray player, video game console or web TV box. Shoppers will find Internet connectivity or 3D a better deal if they were already in the market for a top-of-the-line set, says Scherf, Even then, they should proceed carefully: Manufacturers have yet to settle on a standard 3D technology, so there's the risk that a set could use one that will be obsolete.

From the article, "Buying a Super-Bowl-Worthy TV" by Kelli B. Grant

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