Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking SES News: PlanetEcosystems reveals electricity supplier

The energy supplier that recently signed on with PlanetEcosystems to provide a plug-and-play engagement platform to its customers is breaking its silence.

The Marin Energy Authority has announced that MCE, the first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program in California, will deploy PlanetEcosystems' P-ECOSYS consumer engagement platform to strengthen its relationships with the area's 120,000 households.

"We're excited to offer MCE customers a new energy-efficiency tool which will allow them to maximize net savings, reduce carbon footprints, and make their homes more comfortable and healthy in a cost-effective way," said Dawn Weisz, executive officer of Marin Energy Authority, adding that the tool is a great "value add" for customers.

In addition, MCE has engaged PlanetEcosystems will provide several programs for MCE, including school-based initiatives that use social and gamification techniques to engage students and their parents; direct messaging initiatives that use utility optimization and normative-comparative techniques to motivate consumer action; and neighborhood-based energy-advisor initiatives.

From the article, "Breaking SES News: PlanetEcosystems reveals electricity supplier" by Barbara Vergetis Lundin.

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