Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday's hottest deals? Flat-screen TVs

Fewer electronics shoppers, 33 percent down from 41 percent last year, said they wanted smart TV features – apps that connect you to streaming movies, social networks, games, news, weather and even exercise, a recent survey by Parks Associates found. But when asked whether they wanted a set that connected to the Internet and sported 3-D, consumer interest rose to 29 percent, compared with 23 percent last year.

That small increase could be a sign that shoppers aren’t clear what a smart TV is – or that many sets also have built-in Wi-Fi capability. “If the price is comparable, go ahead and get the smart TV with Internet capabilities,” advises Parks analyst Heather Way.

Flat-panel TVs are on the wish lists of more than one-fifth (26 percent) of electronics shoppers, up from 20 percent in 2010, Parks found. And the lower across-the-board prices have not been lost on consumers, many of whom plan to spend more on electronics than last year, Way says.

From the article, "Black Friday's hottest deals? Flat-screen TVs" by Mike Snider.

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