Avatar Kinect, Microsoft's Hands-free Controller

by Parks Associates | Jul. 26, 2011

Microsoft might expand the Avatar Kinect application beyond gaming.

Microsoft isn't claiming to be game-centric, but instead it might use things like set-top boxes and business videoconferencing and add elements of Kinect within those. One possible use of the Avatar Kinect is within an entertainment experience, such as watching television.

Microsoft has demonstrated Kinect with Sky in the UK and having the avatar represent the user within a chat room, where viewers can come together to discussing programming.The Avatar Kinect is relevant for sports viewing, offering users the possibility to taunt fans of opposing teams, for instance.

For marketers and brands, the ability to receive real-time feedback on an audience's reaction to an advertisement will be critical, so Microsoft could expand the avatars into the role of real-time market research and feedback.They could even take existing solutions such as Skype or Microsoft Mediaroom and add Kinect-like avatar and natural human interaction to these.

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