Monday, October 14, 2019

Apple TV+ interface is more important to streaming video users than content

Research firm Parks Associates claims that the content of a streaming video service is less important than the user interface design and how easy it is to find something to watch. The report comes ahead of the launch of Apple TV+, which has the advantage of Apple's design and the disadvantage of a much smaller library of material than its rivals.

Parks Associates researcher Brandon Riney also told AppleInsider that despite its lack of content compared to Netflix and the forthcoming Disney+, Apple brings a distinct advantage to the market.

"Apple's unexpected $4.99 pricing appears to be a response to Disney+'s $6.99 per month," he said. "This, in combination with announcing a fuller slate of originals, addresses criticism from detractors that Apple TV+ did not have adequate content and value to compete."

From the article "Apple TV+ interface is more important to streaming video users than content" by William Gallagher.

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