Thursday, August 15, 2013

Apple Inc. TV, Google Inc Chromecast: What is the Future?

According to recent report by Parks Associates, “annual sales of streaming connected TV devices will more than double by 2017.”

The study added that the number of United States broadband households with a streaming video media device, which includes Apple TV, has doubled since 2011. Right now, the number stands at 14 percent.

Parks Associates, after conducting an independent survey, shows that 37 percent of people are using Roku compared to 24 percent using an Apple Inc. TV.

Barbara Kraus of Parks Associates brought Google Inc into the fold, saying that “devices such as Roku’s streaming payers and Google’s Chromecast will benefit from these market conditions.”

From the article, "Apple Inc. TV, Google Inc Chromecast: What is the Future?" by Chris Bibey.  

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