Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Apple's Newest Product: The Apple TV

If you witnessed the San Francisco event on the 9th of September this year, you might have noticed that Apple mentioned something about “fixing the TV experience”, which indeed has transformed into a rather boring and redundant activity in the last years. The Apple TV is the solution and it comes with two different processors: the 32 GB one, valued at 149$ and the 64 GB one, valued at $199.

Just to be clear, the Apple TV is not exactly “original”, brand new and a game breaker. It has already been on the market for some time, but it is the fourth of its type and has not had any other model in the last three years. The company’s battles have become rather rough in the last few years with Google, Amazon and Roku trying to bit out of the market as much as they could.

Apple felt that it was time to fight back because of all the competition. Each of these giants has tried to come up with unique content to either keep their existing clients or attract new ones. We are talking about features like games, content providers and even voice search. Clearly, everybody is grabbing everything they can from the market and nobody intends to let anything slip through.

What might have given Apple the idea to move forward was the placement from Parks Associates. Parks Associates is a research company that wanted to see how popular media streaming devices behave in terms of sales in the US. Apple came in at fourth place and that must not have been easy to take in considering its reputation.

From the article "Apple's Newest Product: The Apple TV" by John Birks. 


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