Sleep Health Benefits - Insights from SleepScore Labs

by Parks Associates | Aug. 10, 2019

Prior to Parks Associates’ sixth-annual Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and WellnessRoy Raymann, PhD, Vice President Sleep Science & Scientific Affairs, SleepScore Labs shared his thoughts on the connected health market with the firm's analyst team.

Roy will participate on the Role of Technology: Serving Social and Medical Needs panel on Wednesday, August 28, at 8:45 AM. Panelists who will join him on this session include:

  • James Dold, VP Strategy East, Lumeris
  • Lainie Muller, Director, Health & Wellness,
  • Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health, Uber
  • George Valentine, Executive Director, New Growth and Development, Cox Communications, Inc.

What features of wellness and fitness apps are in highest use? Which are in highest demand?

The sleep health apps that are topping the charts are the ones that deliver a clear benefit combined with a great user experience.

What is driving early consumer use of telehealth/virtual visit services? What factors most impact the experience?

The success of telehealth among early adopters is being driven by the convenience of being able to take control of their own health and wellness- on their own schedules, from the comfort of their homes. Sleep should be a part of routine medical evaluation and regarded as a vital sign, just like checking ones pulse or taking ones blood pressure.

What are top caregiver pain points? Are caregivers willing to pay for independent living solutions?

Now with the availability of remote tracking of sleep and other health data, caregivers have access to a more complete picture of the overall health status, any time, anywhere, allowing them to provide better balanced care.

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