Tuesday, October 01, 2013

70 Million Smart-TV Households By 2017

There will be 175 million online video users in the United States in 2013, and will reach 191 million by 2017, when there will be nearly 70 million smart-TV households, according to Parks Associates research.

The firm's advertising research finds that 25% of smart-TV app users recall seeing an in-app ad and 84% responded to that ad, the highest response rates to app advertising among current connected CE platforms.

"The TV is still the most-popular and most-used platform for video viewing--over 40% of TV owners watch more than 10 hours of video per week on the device," Way said. "The rise of OTT video viewing on smart TVs presents a new channel for content owners to sustain and grow their viewing audience, particularly in a marketplace that continually propagates fragmentation."

Heather Way, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates, moderated a session, "Smart TV Rising," at Advertising Week on Sept. 25.

From the article, "70 Million Smart-TV Households By 2017."

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