Wednesday, September 02, 2015

41% of Consumers Stress over Smartphone Mobile Health Security

Mobile health security remains a top concern not only among hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities but also among the everyday consumer. For example, people who utilize fitness tracking devices, mHealth apps on smartphones, or other connected medical devices could potentially be at risk of privacy and security data breaches.

As such, hospitals, wearable device vendors, and other healthcare systems will need to incorporate strong mobile health security protocols across the board. Collected information from the market research company Parks Associates shows that 23 percent of households are concerned about the mobile health security of connected devices and remote fitness tracking tools.

Mobile Device Security
Additionally, 41 percent of polled homes stated their worry over the privacy and security risks of smartphones, which is a main tool for accessing and using mobile health applications. This further shows the importance of boosting mobile health security in the fitness and wellness space.

“The connected health industries, device manufacturers, and app developers not only need to ensure they have strong security measures in place but also that consumers are aware of the steps they are taking to protect their data,” Harry Wang, Director of Health and Mobile Product at Parks Associates, said in the news release.

“Already 35 percent of consumers worry their personal health information will not remain confidential if online, and with high-profile data hacks making big headlines, consumers are expecting companies to take strong security measures to protect them.”

From the article "41% of Consumers Stress over Smartphone Mobile Health Security" by Vera Gruessner.

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