Wednesday, December 01, 1999

2010 = 20 Million Networked Households

"Home networks, following on the heels of broadband Internet access deployment, will revolutionize the way in which consumers live and work in the home," says Tricia Parks, president of Dallas-based Parks Associates. She predicts that in the first 10 years of the 21st century, as many as 20 million households will adopt home networks, running concurrently with the penetration of high-speed Internet access platforms in as many households.

"The home network will ride piggy-back on emerging residential gateway technologies," Parks declares. "Although this will mean opportunity for many players, we believe that the residential gateway will also serve as the battleground for the 'no-new-wires' technologies. Developers will be forced to choose."

At Forum '99, sponsored by Parks Associates, a market research and consulting company, progress in other residential technologies was discussed.

Structured wiring, characterized as "the hidden revolution," has gained strong backing in the past 12 months, with Bell Atlantic Communcation and Construction Services reporting that it will complete nearly 15,000 installations this year alone.

The Internet appliance market was cited as making a bid to usurp the home personal computer.

Innovative home management systems from such companies as Honeywell, and research institutions such as the Georgia and Massachusetts institutes of technology are promising revolutionary ways by which consumers - particularly the disabled and aged - can better manage their home systems.

From the article "2010 = 20 Million Networked Households."


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