Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How do we get consumers to love connected cars?

Airbiquity believes a big factor is the technology adoption curve that impacted the widespread adoption of other mass-market technologies like television, VCRs, home broadband, and most recently smartphones. Younger and more digitally oriented consumers are the early adopters of these systems as they typically try new technologies to enhance their lives. Older, less digitally savvy consumers tend to be laggards for a number of reasons such as lack of awareness about the value the systems could provide them, satisfaction with “traditional” technologies like AM/FM radio, or simply not wanting to take the time and energy to learn how to use something that’s new and confusing. We know there’s a correlation between early adopters of technology like smartphones and early adopters of connected car systems. A recent Parks Associates study found that 48% of vehicle owners that owned smartphones were very interested in the ability to view maps and receive directions in their cars versus 37% of vehicle owners that didn’t own smartphones. Like the masses of flip-phone users that transitioned to smartphones after years of seeing their friends and kids use them, consumers will increasingly become aware of and use connected car systems after personal exposure, hearing recommendations from friends, reading positive reviews in the media, and listening to well informed and compelling dealer sales people.

From the article " How do we get consumers to love connected cars?" by Sunil Raghavan.


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