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Smart Energy Devices: Top Five Brands Purchased in Year (2014 - 2015)

360 View

2016 : 360 View: Energy Management, Smart Home, and Utility Programs

360 View: Energy Management, Smart Home, and Utility Programs analyzes adoption patterns for smart home devices that enable consumers to manage their home energy consumption (thermostats, lighting, power strips, etc.). Topics:

  • Adoption & use of energy management services and smart energy devices
  • Integration of smart home products and services into utility energy programs
  • Incentives for consumers to participate in energy programs
  • Channel preferences for energy management services and programs
  • Comarketing effectiveness, impact on brand trust
  • Quantifying the impact of energy services on home services, including HVAC monitoring, and appliance monitoring
  • Understanding the value of the smart thermostat data
  • Consumer Decision Process in the adoption and usage of utility programs
  • Consumer Interest and Market Potential for whole-home energy management products and services
  • Response and Expectations from co-branded energy programs
  • Effective methods for marketing energy programs

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