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Usefulness of Home Living Features (Q2/17)

360 View

Wellness and Independent Living : 360 View: Empowering Healthcare Consumers

360 View: Empowering Healthcare Consumers examines consumer needs, behaviors, and preferences in healthcare engagement and technology. It explores consumer health needs and management for chronic conditions and personal wellness, analyzes consumer adoption and use of digital health devices and applications, and provides insight into how consumers prefer to work with healthcare providers in addressing health challenges.

Key Topics:

  • Consumer health status by chronic condition, participation in health behaviors and wellness/preventive care programs, and health insurance coverage.
  • Use of digital health devices by consumers, including frequency of use, abandonment, and pain points and technical difficulties encountered.
  • Use of digital health applications, number of applications used, top app features and net promoter score.
  • Consumer health attitudes, beliefs, and participation in wellness activities and programs.

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