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Appeal of Access Control, Safety, Security, Energy Monitoring and Management Subsystem Features (Q4/16)

360 View

Smart Energy Management : 360 View: Energy Management, Smart Home, and Utility Programs

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Energy monitoring and management services enabled by smart meter data have the potential to create value for consumers, and smart products are also creating new opportunities for utilities, as both energy efficiency and demand response programs incorporate smart home solutions.

360 View: Energy Management, Smart Home, and Utility Programs evaluates the appeal of energy billing, monitoring, and management services and profiles consumers that are interested in these new services. This research also evaluates incentives and opportunities for combined EE/DR programs and consumer preferences for time-of-use tariffs and their potential to create demand for automation.


  • Consumer energy-saving actions and motivations
  • The value of data
  • Energy management and the smart home
  • Incentives for energy efficiency

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