Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Parks: Connected Apps The New Battleground For Video Services

A new white paper by Parks Associates for Ooyala concludes that connected device apps have become the new battleground for video services, with Pay TV operators, OTT service providers, broadcasters, cable networks and even media publishers all vying with each other to deploy them in order to reach new audiences.

In the USA, says the research firm, OTT video services remain ahead of Pay TV providers, broadcasters and cable networks in their use of connected apps to deliver co more

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cartesian: Why It Matters That Churn Is Higher For OTT SVOD Providers Than For Traditional Pay TV Operators

A recent White Paper from consulting company Cartesian confirms this assumption, calculating the churn-rates for a number of different types of video service-provider (see Figure 1), and quoting Parks Associates’ conclusion that “a typical over-the-top provider experiences churn of 60% annually, which is three to five times more than a traditional Pay TV provider.”

From the article "Cartesian: Why It Matters That Churn Is Higher For OTT SVOD Providers Than For Traditional Pa more

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

IBM Cloud Video: Technical Problems Still Account For 17% Of SVOD Churn

Research company Parks Associates published a study last year suggesting that SVOD services stood to lose upwards of $500 million in revenue in 2015 from this practice.

From the article "IBM Cloud Video: Technical Problems Still Account For 17% Of SVOD Churn" by Barry Flynn.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Impact Of Operations Transformation On Human Resources

You can read about the motives driving the transformation in TV operations including agility, the crucial role of orchestration and how video workflows can be created and consolidated, how virtualization is ready for ‘mainscreen TV’ as well as multiscreen, the potential to unify operations around adaptive bitrate streaming and the different ways in which the new operations environment will be hybrid.

The report considers how companies like Comcast, Globo, nc+, Magine, TVPlay more

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Orchestration Is The Tech-Wonder That Turns Software-Defined Video Into Cloud Agility

Multiscreen viewing is possibly the biggest driver behind the trend towards virtualized video processing and the orchestration that goes with it. But it is not the only one. As Brett Sappington, Director of Research at Parks Associates (the market research and consulting firm), points out, “On-demand consumption is also important. On-demand services began to push operators to deliver video in a different way, but it was multiscreen video that really forced the issue.”

From t more

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pay TV Operators Need To Be Ready For Anything, Thus The Focus On Agility And New Operations Models

“Pay TV operators have always had rich content libraries but the content was hidden behind archaic user interfaces. A next-generation UI combined with recommendation boosts consumption and monetization,” he says. “We see customers with 50,000 or 120,000 on-demand assets. There are not many people out there that can compete with that but it needs to be available everywhere. You may need to process all your assets 12 different times according to target device and network technolog more

Sunday, March 27, 2016

First-Time Adoption Of Pay TV Is Up Among Spanish Broadband Households, Parks Associates Finds

Parks Associates announced new research earlier this month showing that 16% of Spanish Pay TV households subscribed to Pay TV for the first time last year, although Spanish consumers are still more likely than consumers in other Western European markets to have never had Pay TV or to have cancelled Pay TV in favour of online video sources.

"First-time adoption of Pay TV is up among Spanish broadband households, as is the penetration of Pay TV overall," reveals Brett Sappingt more

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Attention Moves Beyond 4K Resolution To HDR And ‘Ultra HD Premium’ At CES

Ahead of the show (the word barely covers what CES is – a city-wide exposition that takes up endless floors in high-rise hotels, not just exhibition halls), Parks Associates revealed television purchase intentions in key European markets that point to an appetite for 4K screens, at least. The company reported that among broadband households planning to purchase a flat-panel TV, 59% in the UK, 57% in France, 53% in Spain and 49% in Germany plan to purchase a 4K TV even though con more

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