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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Roku is the Most Owned Set-Top Box with Cord Cutters, But the Apple TV & Fire TV See Strong Growth

However, this is a noticeable change from our summer 2016 survey that showed Roku with over 70% of the market share, the Fire TV at just over 33%, and the Apple TV at just 18%. (Note: We did allow our readers to list multiple devices. So if a reader has both an Apple TV and a Roku it showed up in our survey results.)

These results are in line with a 2016 Parks Associates study showing Roku was the most popular device followed by Amazon at 22% and the Apple TV at 20%; however more

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Apple TV is Falling Farther Behind as Their Competitors Prepare to Release New Devices

The current Apple TV, according to Parks Associates—a highly respected research firm—is in third place behind Roku and the Fire TV in both recent sales and number of homes with the device.

The highly touted Apple streaming service was intended to be the biggest selling point to the current Apple TV, but it never came out and word is the service is now dead.

Currently the Apple TV has a higher price point than their main competitors, the Roku and the Fire TV. The Apple TV more

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