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TargetSpot logoDATE: Thursday, June 9, 1:00 CT/2:00 ET
Co-hosted by TargetSpot and  Parks Associates

Andy Lipset, Chief Revenue Officer, TargetSpot
Eric Ronning, Executive Vice President, Emerging Media, TargetSpot
Heather Way, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Digital Audio is a rapidly growing digital media segment presenting new and impactful ways to reach and connect with deeply engaged, influential consumers. This webcast presentation details TargetSpot’s groundbreaking research demonstrating that the combination of time spent and engagement with Digital Audio translates to high ad recall and response rates, online and offline.

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Andy Lipset, Chief Revenue Officer, TargetSpot

Andy Lipset, a 20 year media sales and management veteran, joined TargetSpot from Ronning Lipset Radio, where he was co-founder and Managing Partner, and which TargetSpot acquired in 2008. Previously, Andy served as Director of Sales for AOL Music, where he worked with marketers to create programs centered on the company’s Music and Radio properties. He also worked as Vice President/Director of Sales for the New York office of D&R Radio, an Interep company. While at D&R, Andy guided the company’s largest office and helped lead the company to a position as the firm leader in the radio rep business. Andy has also worked as an Account Executive at leading radio advertising firms such as Hillier, Newmark, Wechsler and Howard Radio Sales/Interep.

Andy holds a BA in Marketing from the George Washington University and serves as Co-President of the IAB’s Digital Audio Committee.

Eric Ronning, Executive Vice President, Emerging Media, TargetSpot

Eric Ronning joined TargetSpot from Ronning Lipset Radio where he was co-founder and Managing Partner, prior to the company’s acquisition by TargetSpot in 2008. Eric previously served for four years as an Executive Director at Yahoo!, where he led a team responsible for successfully building Yahoo!’s reputation and market share with advertising agencies and Fortune 500 company clients. Prior to that, he served as Regional Vice President for Clear Channel National Radio Sales/Interep Radio in the Southeast region, and worked as VP/Director of Sales for D&R Radio/Interep and Sales Manager for Blair Radio/Katz Media in Los Angeles.

Heather Way, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Heather Way studies digital media advertising services and platforms as well as consumer research focusing on digital entertainment, digital media habits, and consumer purchase processes.

Prior to joining Parks Associates, Heather worked in the Dallas-Fort Worth media market for thirteen years, holding positions as Director of Advertising, media planner and buyer, national sales representative, and training coordinator. Most recently, Heather taught as an adjunct professor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at the University of North Texas.

Heather earned an MS degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, and holds a BS in Mass Communications from East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Digital Media, Emerging Advertising Technologies, and Digital Video Advertising


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