Driving Engagement and Reducing Churn in OTT

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 | 1:00 P.M. CT (2:00 P.M. ET)

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OTT service churn was 35% in 2019, up seven points from the previous year.

As the OTT video market evolves and becomes more competitive, service providers are increasingly focused on engaging and keeping their subscribers rather than looking solely at acquiring them.

Overcoming high churn and driving engagement are notable challenges for video service providers, especially as the market becomes more saturated and penetration rates slow. To better compete, OTT services are using tactics such as free trials and promotional offers to drive initial service uptake. But these tactics are also leading to sky-high churn rates.

Parks Associates research shows churn among vMVPDs, online pay-TV providers, was 81% in 2019.

Consumer engagement is a critical element of success for video services. Service providers are using a variety of tools, incentives, and strategic partnerships, among other methods, to drive subscriber or viewer engagement and grow their brands.


  • The key marketplace factors and trends driving OTT service engagement and customer churn
  • OTT providers that are achieving measurable value through focused customer engagement initiatives
  • Strategies to increase engagement in the video consumer journey: initial interaction before subscribing or viewing of the service starts, when a free trial or promotional period ends, after a popular series ends, and during a long period of customer inactivity
  • Best practices of customer engagement strategies


Bob Strohmeyer, SVP of Global Customer Success, Swrve

Greg Martell, Customer Success Manager, Swrve

Steve Nason, Director, Research, Parks Associates

Bob Strohmeyer Bob Strohmeyer, SVP of Global Customer Success, Swrve

Bob Strohmeyer has been driving success for business, technical, and creative teams for more than 25 years. With a background spanning content leadership, audience engagement, marketing services, technical services, and SaaS product development, he has delivered high-impact results for hundreds of the world’s largest brands in both consumer and B2B. Prior to joining Swrve, he served as VP of Product and Professional Services for Demandbase, led Marketing Services for IDG, and directed creative teams for IDG, Future US, and Ziff Davis.

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