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The Evolving Digital Media Landscape

This whitepaper details the life stages of OTT households, analyzes trends in OTT service ecosystems, and offers strategies for providers to succeed now and in the future by perfecting their OTT services for consumers.

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This whitepaper details the life stages of OTT households, analyzes trends in OTT service ecosystems, and offers strategies for providers to succeed now and in the future by perfecting their OTT services for consumers.
This whitepaper addresses the growing demand for exceptional connectivity in MDUs. It evaluates the benefits of next-generation connectivity services for MDU property managers and residents, as well as the role of the service provider as a key partner in smart MDU living.
The technical landscape of the modern home is constantly evolving, and new homes must be designed with these changes in mind. Smart home products are among the newest category of connected devices, with adoption growing steadily since 2014. This whitepaper examines new smart home products, the connected consumer lifestyle, and the future of modern living.
COVID-19 has redefined the market for security and related smart home devices, with both positive and negative factors emerging in this new environment. From the very beginning of the pandemic, many people, unwilling to risk exposure to COVID-19, have avoided circumstances where an installation or repair technician would enter their home. This whitepaper examines ongoing impact of these factors on the security market.
This whitepaper discusses how companies can unlock the value of their health device data via the use of edge computing, machine learning, and health flexible IoT platforms. The Changing Healthcare Landscape Next-Gen Approaches in Health IoT Solutions Edge Computing: Bringing Intelligence Out of the Cloud Implications for the Future of Connected Health
The technical landscape in US households has changed significantly, and the old models of break/fix support no longer meet consumer needs. Data-driven solutions and innovative support services can expand the tools and types of support services available to improve the user experience and drive new revenue opportunities.
This whitepaper examines the key phases of the OTT consumer journey and how data is used to best acquire, engage, and retain customers. This whitepaper also examines how leading digital media and entertainment organizations are achieving success utilizing smart data through their customer engagement programs. The OTT video examples detailed in this whitepaper can be applied to adjacent media and entertainment markets in gaming, audio, consumer publishing, business information subscriptions, and new digital media.
Professionally monitored services offer a dedicated, 24/7 staff for monitoring and serve both residential and commercial properties. Professional monitoring services can also deliver benefits in many new use cases, including energy consumption, health monitoring aging relatives, and home deliveries. This whitepaper examines the current challenges from market trends such as MIY solutions and opportunities to expand the value proposition and revenue potential for professional monitoring.
This Market Snapshot investigates the changing role of mobile among consumers, as well as its importance among different demographics, particularly Generation Z.
Contact tracing is proven to help contain infectious disease. It is traditionally performed by trained personnel who identify and contact those who may have been exposed by an infected person, but adoption and usage of connected devices and technologies deliver new tools to accomplish this critical task. This Market Snapshot examines consumer willingness to share their data as part of a contact tracing effort, including breakdowns by demographics and personal experience with COVID-19.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people across the globe to rediscover the value of voice. Landlines in particular are valuable lifelines for populations under shelter-in-place, work-from-home, and school-from-home mandates. This snapshot examines this new world of residential voice technologies.
This whitepaper, developed in cooperation with applicaster highlights the evolution of video and the TV in the home, the role of technology in pushing the smart TV further to the forefront of the in-home video viewing experience, the impact of COVID-19 and disruption on video consumption, and the future state of the smart TV experience. It also addresses the importance of integrating a video offering within the smart TV app ecosystem to help drive content discovery and create an optimal user experience that better attracts, engages, and retains video customers.
This Market Snapshot highlights the impact of the entry of Disney+ and Apple TV+ in OTT market, including insights into the factors driving their growth. Data presented in this Market Snapshot were drawn primarily from an online survey of 10,000 consumers fielded between March 8th and April 3rd to heads of broadband households, after the COVID-19 crisis had begun in the United States.
Support services are instrumental for building and sustaining valuable customer relationships. This whitepaper examines the direct connections between support services and greater consumer engagement with today's connected solutions.
The whitepaper examines the growing need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in the smart home industry and new device requirements that align with consumer attitudes and expectations toward data and privacy protection.
This Market Snapshot examines the changing world of pay TV, trends in consumer viewing habits and household subscriptions, and strategies among vMVPD and other players to retain subscribers and win new viewers.
This Market Snapshot provides insight into the market for DIY, self-installed home security solutions. These solutions  will significantly lower the cost of security, create new monitoring use cases, and, in doing so, expand the market beyond the traditional 20-25% of US households that have professionally monitored security.  
This whitepaper explores how smart home technology can support independent living and explains the benefits for both telehealth and telecare. It focuses on what could be considered the mass-market application to support independent living: telecare. Parks Associates will address this and other key smart home topics at CONNECTIONS Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart Home, 19-20 November in Amsterdam. The event focuses on advancements and growth in smart home, security, connected health, and energy management solutions for Europe and around the world. More Info
Shifting market forces challenge today’s service providers to develop new strategies for creating and capturing customer value. Innovative service providers are working to identify new services that will stave off commoditization, develop new revenue streams, differentiate from competitors, and fortify brand value. A future-flexible platform is a critical component for success in the Internet of Things, and many vendors are rising to meet this need with new turnkey solutions. This whitepaper details the opportunities and strategies for service providers to take advantage of today’s smart home dynamics while avoiding the pitfalls that plagued past efforts.
This whitepaper paper explains how home insurance carriers can leverage the IoT and smart home to secure new revenue growth and defend against emerging threats.
This Market Review from Parks Associates examines trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the smart home and connected entertainment industries. Smart Home Home Security Energy Management Health and Independent Living Smart Home and the Voice-First Experience Video Services OTT and the Next Generation Viewer Voice and Entertainment Connected CE AI and Blockchain
This whitepaper examines strategies to deliver a smart home experience that incorporates support, security, privacy protection, and a variety of personalized value propositions. Key Topics Overview of smart home device adoption, and current smart home dynamics Capitalizing on technology to improve everyday living Frequent issues with smart home devices Consumer concerns with data privacy and security Flexibility of service providers to offer a variety of technical support options
This whitepaper analyzes how today's leading companies are adapting to become consumer-first organizations in an era of increasingly engaged viewers. Key Topics Repositioning for changing consumer habits Driving promotion and communication across screens and new touchpoints Broadening the approach to branding Leveraging new opportunities for monetization Embracing new delivery, UX, and data technologies
OTT video has reshaped a successful pay-TV industry. This whitepaper analyzes what operators must do to recapture their position as primary providers of video services. Key Topics Areas of change: pay TV, live TV, and mobile New consumer expectations for video services The impact of OTT video on operators' video businesses How traditional pay-TV providers are addressing the new environment New market opportunities that benefit all parts of the video ecosystem
This whitepaper examines the issues surrounding arc faults in electrical wiring, statistics and causes regarding electrical fires in U.S. homes, and advances in smart plugs and related smart home products designed to reduce and eliminate the incidence of electrical fires. Key Topics Main causes of arc faults in electrical wiring Advances in smart plugs and smart home products designed to reduce and eliminate the incidence of electrical fires Demographics of consumers who are likely to purchase smart fire detection products Key product features in smart smoke detectors Partnership opportunities across the insurance, energy, security, and smart home industries
Parks Associates present a Market Review of the trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the smart home and connected entertainment industries as connectivity becomes a standard in consumers’ lives. Topics: Smart home market growth Impact of DIY security on traditional security Consumer interest in home energy management Connected health & independent living adoption Voice-first technology in the home Connected entertainment market growth OTT and the next generation viewer Voice and entertainment trends Connected CE ownership
This market snapshot addresses consumer and caregiver attitudes towards personal health, future retirement expectations, and perceptions of home living features and alerts. Consumer and Caregiver Attitudes and Expectations Consumer Attitudes and Personal Health Caregivers and their Personal Health Planning for The Future Chronic Health Conditions and Retirement Staying at Home: Meeting Expectations Home Living Features and Health Monitoring Features Valued By Consumers Overall Willingness to Pay for Home Living Features Willingness to Pay $15 for Home Living Features Caretakers’ Willingness to Pay for Home Living Features Caregivers and Receiving Alerts Caregivers and IoT Adoption  
The mobile service market is experiencing the calm before the storm. This market snapshot analyzes how the already competitive mobile market will be even more competitive in the next five years. Key Topics Smartphone market share by brand Retention and poaching efforts by service providers Media activities that dominate smartphone usage Mobile data consumption among consumers Current usage of personal assistant applications on smartphones The impact of loyalty programs on NPS scores
This Market Snapshot updates the consumer research and analyzes trends reshaping the U.S. entertainment marketplace. Topics New audience groups in the U.S. market and the impact they have on service providers Breakdown of consumer viewing habits for consumers Factors driving consumers away from tradition pay-TV services Consumer privacy concerns New challenges that arise from consumer concerns about safety and privacy  
The security industry needs to evolve to meet the challenges of cybersecurity threats. This whitepaper outlines specific threats to sensors, security panels, and network connections that security dealers need to address. Key Topics The key challenges of cybersecurity in residential security Opportunities for security dealers to address rising consumer concerns about data security The risks in continued use of one-way, unencrypted sensors Strategies and solutions to contain and prevent attacks on security systems The role of security dealers in preventive network security actions
This whitepaper examines how the demand for AV experiences anytime, anywhere offers expansion opportunities for AV solution providers in commercial, residential, hospitality, entertainment, mobile, or other public environments. Key Topics Customer experiences and mobile workstyles that present new technology expectations for the workplace Key consumer AV experience innovations that drive new expectations in the enterprise Challenges resulting from entertainment innovations into the enterprise The critical role of integrators in ensuring interoperability of devices and systems Changing consumer expectations with tomorrow's entertainment and smart tech
The insurance market is highly fragmented - not one company controls more than one-fifth of the market. This market snapshot examines how even small players can make a big impact in this market with the right offerings and incentives. Key Topics Ownership of consumer familiarity with insurance policies and cost The role of big data and smart devices that provide value to insurers Smart home product features with the biggest opportunities for insurance services Key consumer segments for insurance companies looking to expand their smart home services Consumer preferences among incentives from insurtech solutions
The evolution of the connected home continues to create opportunities for communication service providers. This whitepaper presents strategies for operators to expand their footprint in the connected home. Key Topics Differentiating services through feature-rich customer premise equipment Opportunities for gateway support of smart home devices Supporting interoperability at the gateway level to simplify and improve the user experience Using advanced edge monitoring to reduce consumer concerns about data security Analyzing big data to develop new services and features tailored to subscriber behavior
The home entertainment device market is consolidating around the smart TV. This market snapshot examines how the user interface can be used as a point of differentiation to win consumers. Key Topics Ownership of home entertainment devices New partnership opportunities to enhance the consumer experience Closing the gap between smart TVs and streaming media players Preferred features among consumers when choosing the ideal UX The growing use of voice controls for TVs
In the smart home, voice will serve as a prime differentiator in the user experience. This whitepaper presents market strategies for long-term success in the voice technology market. Key Topics Creating a voice-first user experience Consumer adoption of voice technology in the home The emergence of new use cases New opportunities for voice in connected products Reducing the amount of power required for voice functionalities
This Market Snapshot examines the current smart home opportunity in independent living and strategies to leverage IoT technologies to help consumers with healthcare and wellness. Topics Decreasing the chronic disease epidemic through care payment models that reward innovative care practices The spread of value-based care models Approaches for care providers to utilize technology in their practice, including virtual and remote care Consumer expectations that will drive home health services Optimizing healthcare experiences through patient data
This whitepaper provides an overview of current content security systems and identifies the pain points in the transition from content security to big data security. Topics • Current security tactics for broadband and TV service operators • Methods to gain trust among consumers and promote the value of sharing personal data • Opportunities for operators in deploying automated cybersecurity systems • Emerging business opportunities for operators for which intelligent data security is an integral role • Expanding cybersecurity capabilities beyond the connected home
This whitepaper examines consumer mobile and Wi-Fi data usage trends and the business models and monetization strategies of public Wi-Fi providers. It also presents a case study of how a large stadium uses its public Wi-Fi network to enrich fans’ experiences.
Many macro trends are shaping the future of the global video marketplace. Top 5 Video Trends in an IP-based World examines the factors that video industry players should consider as they assess their future technology and strategy options and details the nuances that impact long-term success. Top 5 Trends • Users expect opportunities to interact with their content • Global, IP-based video services will be the next big revenue pool for content makers • Live TV is not dying; it is shifting to connected devices • Consumers will demand new, diverse types of content • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a key role in the future success of video services
This Market Snapshot provides consumer perspectives on the smart home purchase process, specific to the Best Buy and Vivint announcement. Topics Consumer interest in smart home products Confidence in understanding aspects of smart home device purchases among owners and purchase intenders Time spent by consumers on each step of the purchase decision process Recommendations for tools that could assist consumers with the smart home purchase process Consumer reactions to the Best Buy and Vivint announcement  
At the end of 2016, 45% of U.S. broadband households used a voice-enabled personal assistant through an application or dedicated device. The arrival and growth of voice control have catalyzed a major market transformation in both the UX and UI for a variety of devices. Voice control and voice-based technologies have experienced massive growth in the past five years within the consumer market, and they are rapidly changing and influencing adoption of voice-controlled products. Topics Defining the Voice Control Market Consumer Adoption and Use Market Shift Factors
This Market Snapshot examines the disruptive forces impacting the home security market. It analyzes trends shaping home security and monitoring services in the U.S. and offers strategies for security dealers and firms to incorporate smart home solutions into their offerings.
This whitepaper analyzes major themes and announcements at CES® 2017 for the Entertainment, Smart Home/Security, Mobile, Health, and Connected Car markets. Topics Entertainment  Video Distribution Digital Media Adverting Struggles 5G Strategies VR, AR, and AI News Health/Wellness and Wearables New Partnerships  Smart Watches from Traditional Watch Manufactures  New Wellness Solutions and Devices  Smart Home/Security  Home Network Security Voice Integrations Insurance and Real Estate Convergence with Smart Home Lighting Devices Vivint and Airbnb Partnership  Smart Kitchen & Bathroom Connected Car Android Auto integration with Panasonic  Integration of Voice/Gesture controls into car design
This whitepaper analyzes 10 key trends impacting the market for consumer technology now and into the next year. Topics include: Voice Control Mobile Services Connected CE Virtual and Augmented Reality OTT Video Services Connected Cars Smart Home Smart Home Devices & Services Wearables Healthcare
Virtual and augmented reality technologies have the potential to benefit to multiple industries. This market snapshot focuses on current consumer engagement trends and strategies to boost adoption beyond the early-adopter phase. Topics Consumer familiarity and comfort with VR and AR technologies Key strategies to increase adoption VR and AR innovations that could erase the distinction between device and content Market opportunities for AR apps and live VR content Use Cases for Gaming, Digital Media, Health, Life Events, Social Interaction, Marketing, and Education
Sponsored by CSS Corp Connected devices can provide additional functionality and convenience for consumers in many ways, but these devices also create risks for a consumer and a brand. Having an inadequate product experience as a result of failures in connectivity, a lack of integration with other devices, or an inability to understand the set-up process can weaken brand value and, as a result, slow the overall adoption of these emerging products. This whitepaper examines the new challenges as companies develop connected devices in entertainment, smart home, health, VR, and robotics; the critical pain points for consumers; and strategies for companies to manage the product experience for consumers.
This whitepaper presents current distribution trends and strategies in the movie windows ecosystem and examines the effects they are having on industry players. Windowing for motion pictures is evolving, and companies throughout the ecosystem are feeling the effects of new trends. Current Market Trends Shift to Accelerated Windowing Content Creation for Multiple Screen Sizes Digital Day-and-Date Release New Market Competitors Changes in Content Distribution Strategies
Consumer comfort with specific health-related activities remains low - strategies to improve consumer comfort in designing care plans and selecting monitoring devices are needed. This Parks Associates Snapshot - Insights on Consumer Engagement for Health and Wellness - highlights research findings for the healthcare market including: Communication and Health Improvements Health Related Activities Health Services Health Offerings  
OTT services are maturing, competition is intensifying, and players are looking to maximize their reach and tailor experiences to particular audiences. Video apps on connected devices are again playing a key role in the competitive landscape of digital video entertainment. This whitepaper analyzes the role of Internet-connected devices in driving OTT service adoption and strategies for video players to leverage these device apps.
This whitepaper examines new risks to operators as they expand their video data analytics and explores strategies to secure data privacy and maintain consumer trust. Topics • Value of data in creating new video services • New risks for operators - Cloud connectivity - Multivendor environment - Savvy and organized hackers • Consumer privacy and security concerns • The New Complexity created by the expanding consumer-based IoT • Operator strategies to develop robust data security systems
This whitepaper analyzes key 2016 trends for the connected consumer: Connected Car Connected CE Content Licensing and Distribution Digital Health Energy Management Mobile Apps OTT Video Services Smart Home Devices and Services Tech Support Video Technologies  
This whitepaper presents consumer adoption of health-based devices, apps, and services and examines the unique healthcare market within the consumer-based IoT. The ongoing consumerization of healthcare and the new emphasis on outcomes in compensation are driving the need for continued innovation in connected health in 2016. Current Market Trends Consolidation among Payers and Providers Shift to Outcome-based Values Drivers for Innovations Body-area Networks Strategies to Improve Care Coordination   Consumer Data Health Conditions in America Adoption of Wearables and Digital Health and Wellness Devices App and Portal Usage Privacy Concerns
This whitepaper examines how support strategies are critical to any company operating in the Internet of Things market. Topics Adoption trends for smart home, connected healthcare, and home entertainment devices Impact of connectivity and the IoT on the technical support market Current challenges to IoT growth, including interoperability issues and low consumer familiarity Technical problems consumers face during setup, installation, and daily use of connected devices Consumer preferences for traditional and new support channels, including social media and video calling Key industry recommendations for utilizing data generated by connected devices to support consumer  
This whitepaper discusses the current growth rate for smart home adoption in Europe and presents strategies to increase consumer awareness, adoption, and usage. Topics Smart home device adoption for European markets, with a comparison to U.S. markets Guidelines for attracting European consumers to smart home products Examples of successful companies emerging in the European IoT European consumer concerns about smart home data privacy and product security Consumer familiarity with smart home products and services
Which companies will strike it rich in online video advertising? With online video consumption exploding worldwide, companies are betting that online and mobile video advertising is on the cusp of a gold rush in monetization. This whitepaper examines the challenges and opportunities in unlocking ad insertion’s potential. Topics: The shift in video ad buying – from buying content to buying audience New issues facing companies entering the ad tech business Comparison and contrast of server-side and client-side approaches to ad insertion Strengths of current business strategies based on company approach and position in video delivery chain Strategic and important business considerations for companies considering their options for ad insertion  
The consumer market for video services is more challenging than ever for operators. Consumers are watching record amounts of video, and the number of screens continues to rise, including TVs, PCs, tablets, & smartphones. In this environment, a well-known part of the pay-TV offering may hold the key to improved profitability and competitiveness in video services – the DVR. This whitepaper analyzes the role and benefits of cloud DVRs in the video ecosystem. Topics: Consumer demand and broadband requirements for streaming/online content Current DVR adoption and the benefits and limitations of this device Service provider strategies to virtualize the DVR New business models, including ad insertion, unlimited storage, and personalization Competitive advantages for operators created through deployment of cloud DVR
The OTT Playbook, Part II: Keys to Building Momentum This whitepaper analyzes strategies to create differentiated OTT video services that will stand out in this crowded field and derive revenues by driving consumer interest and engagement. Topics: Creating momentum to succeed in the online content world The impact of new entrants to the OTT video services market Top features and services consumers want most when searching for an OTT provider Strategic and important business considerations for anyone considering entry into the OTT video space Business models that help ensure survival in the crowded and highly competitive marketplace
Digital Engagement of Energy Consumers This whitepaper examines the benefits of leveraging social media and smart home devices to attract, retain, and engage utility customers. Topics: Detailed analysis of the new connected consumer and their expectations for utilities How to leverage social media trends and strategies to digitally engage utility customers Consumer motivations for taking energy-saving actions in the home Familiarity with energy and demand response programs among U.S. broadband households Best practices for connecting with consumers on Twitter and Facebook Unlocking smart devices to extract information about consumer habits, usage, and status  
The Connected Consumer: Top Trends in IoT The Connected Consumer: Top Trends in IoT provides expert insight into global trends for the Internet of Things, entertainment and streaming services, digital media, digital health, tech support, mobile services and apps, and smart home and energy technologies. Topics: The impact of OTT on linear video and pay-TV How bundles and interoperability will shape the market for smart home, energy management, and entertainment devices Global prospects for the digital health industry, including within healthcare IT, virtual care, and wearables Appeal of premium tech support services as adoption rate of connected devices continues to grow Forecasts for 4K Ultra HD technology and mobile and Internet video New innovations within mobile apps, digital media, and streaming media devices  
The Connected Car: A Value Chain in Flux This whitepaper examines the maturing connected car services and technology market and how OEMs, mobile network operators, and software providers are exploring opportunities to gain market share. Topics: The potential of in-vehicle connectivity to increase value and provide benefits for both consumers and automakers Major issues affecting OEM connected car strategies and how OEMs are approaching connectivity solutions The expansion of mobile network providers into the connected vehicle space How aftermarket opportunities could affect the primary market space
Key Competitive Elements for Smart Home Service Providers This whitepaper provides an overview of the market dynamics and key elements that will drive success in the smart home services market. Topics: Current smart home system adoption and awareness by U.S. broadband consumers Factors driving service providers into the smart home market How cloud-based data analytics are encouraging new business models within the smart home ecosystem The value of interoperability over stand-alone devices for the smart home
The OTT Playbook: Success Factors for Video Services This whitepaper examines the new possibilities in distribution as well as new competition created by over-the-top (OTT) delivery of content. Topics: The impact of OTT services on the traditional players in the TV market Pay-TV provider strategies in addressing the OTT space Entry of new players in the OTT service space: content producers, hardware, service providers Changing consumer habits driving introduction of new OTT services Factors/characteristics of successful OTT services
Smart Home Ecosystem: IoT and Consumers This whitepaper provides insight, consumer research, and analysis of the emerging smart home industry. Topics: Consumer adoption of and familiarity with smart home products and services Overview of the current smart home market and forecasts through 2018 Profiles and segmentations of today's smart device and system owners, including shopping habits and purchase process Industry recommendations for enticing new customers, creating a higher value, and driving repeat purchases Analysis of key features consumers want from smart home devices and services
 Uprising: College Students & Changing Video Preferences This whitepaper investigates college students’ video viewing habits in order to gain insight on the market’s future, particularly in regards to services, licensing, business models, revenues, and advertising. Topics: The value of TV access and content for U.S. college students College student usage and perception of pay-TV services How college students access and consume television and media content Strategies to develop new business and foster existing relationships among college-age consumers
Priorities for Managed Service Gateways in the Fiber-Connected Home This whitepaper examines the key role of the managed service gateway in helping operators and their customers successfully cope with the ever-changing connected home. Topics: Benefits of the managed service gateway Overview of the connected home and the impact of fiber on device ownership/usage Key capabilities to serve connected homes: QoS, traffic management, value-added services Current enhanced wireless innovations and their role in video delivery Impact on installation times, operator revenues, and mobile traffic
 The Internet of Things: Implications for Support Services and Solutions This whitepaper examines the implications of the Internet of Things on the business models, revenue opportunities, and technological innovations in the support industry. Topics: Factors driving the Internet of Things - devices and applications in the Connected Home Household adoption and consumer expectations regarding connected devices Impact of heightened privacy and security concerns Support automation strategies and remote access Bandwidth needs and impact on support tools needed
4K: A New Era in Video Content This whitepaper analyzes the current state of 4K for both consumers and the industry and its potential impact in hardware, content production, and video services. Topics: Potential impact of 4K on TV replacement cycle Current barriers to 4K adoption and strategies to boost consumer awareness and interest Historical patterns of TV innovations and adoption Content use cases for 4K video: live content, TV, films Purchase intentions for flat-panel TV capabilities
Where to Next for Residential Security This whitepaper analyzes the current status and future growth for home security systems as the smart home and the Internet of Things expand. It examines consumer adoption and preferences, the current dealer market, and the trends and innovations driving positive change. Topics: Identification and quantification of patterns in security system acquisition  The impact of the expanding smart home and Internet of Things Consumer demand for smart home services and devices Security dealer revenue and product sales and installation reports Analysis of the drivers and barriers to consumer adoption of security systems
The New Reality: Tomorrow’s Multiscreen, Multirights World This whitepaper examines the challenges and key strategies for operators to create successful multiscreen services. Topics: Impact and importance of multiscreen services, including role of OTT and TV Everywhere New technologies changing the market Monetization, changing business models, and multiscreen rights Internal and external challenges in developing multiscreen services Key factors influencing future success of operator services
Retaining Customers: Content, Platforms, and Video Services This whitepaper evaluates the challenges facing service providers and platform vendors in retaining their most valuable customers. Service Providers: Consumer considerations on whether or not to "cut the cord" Stages of TV Everywhere and the current factors influencing this offering Strategies to enhance the user/viewer experience through new distribution channels, content offerings, etc. Platform Vendors: Current efforts to "lock in" customers to a particular platform Leading platform vendors Analysis of key customers for Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google
Multiscreen Video: The New Imperative Consumer demand for multiscreen media experiences has forever changed the game. This whitepaper, sponsored by mPortal, analyzes strategies to develop a multiscreen video strategy. Top Trends: Smartphone & tablet ownership has reached critical mass Over-the-top (OTT) services have transformed the way consumers watch TV Multiscreen media engagement is becoming the norm Key Topics: Strategies to unify & extend multiscreen video services Importance of personalization and integration with social media Role of analytics in creating compelling user experiences  
Smart TV Unleashed: Engagement through Cognition This whitepaper presents the evolution of interactive TV (ITV) and the trends creating a truly intelligent multiscreen experience. It examines the transformation in the TV industry as a result of connected device adoption, new content recognition technologies, and consumer demand for multiscreen video access.  
Connected Health Opportunities for Service Providers This whitepaper evaluates the opportunities for broadband service providers in the connected health products and service market. It examines the drivers for the connected health market and analyzes the role of ISPs in healthcare, consumer interest and demand for connected health solutions, and business and partnership opportunities for broadband and mobile service providers.
Outlook for the Smart Home in Western Europe This whitepaper examines new smart home initiatives in security, energy, controls, and telecom channels and analyzes the solutions and strategies necessary for success in this growing market.
 The Impact of Analytics on Video Monetization This whitepaper shows how the shift to online content delivery is generating valuable viewer data across smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones. It presents strategies to leverage these data to increase the bottom line in video services.  
Mobile Collaborative Communications for Business This whitepaper assesses the impact of connected device use on business communications and workflow strategies. It analyzes the impact of connected devices and includes strategies for businesses to leverage mobility and cloud-based services in order to build their competitive edge. A New Communication Wave: "Over-the-Top" (OTT) applications use by working professionals. Meeting Business Demands: The shift to mobile unified communications (UC). A Competitive Edge Recipe: How service providers can win in the changing OTT mobile market for businesses of all sizes.
Audio Quality's Growing Value for Mobile Entertainment As the markets for smartphones and tablets mature, new features are emerging as "second-wave" differentiators.This whitepaper examines the value of audio quality as an emerging differentiator in mobile devices. Key Topics Trends in consumer adoption and usage in mobile entertainment Current market conditions for mobile devices Importance of audio quality as it relates to other smartphone and tablet features Impact of cinema-quality sound on consumer interest and price points for mobile devices Data from households in the U.S., France, Germany, China, and South Korea
New Market Realities in Content Delivery The ability to meet consumer demands for simplicity, functionality, and affordability is critical. This whitepaper examines the challenges to CE manufacturers, pay-TV operators, and content providers as they must protect their assets while delivering content services that meet consumer expectations.
The Future of Support: Intelligence Managing Technology Consumers regularly seek professional services to resolve a plethora of new technology issues. Amidst this consumer angst in managing their connected devices is potential opportunity for OEMs, retailers, and digital service providers (DSPs). This whitepaper analyzes the current support environment and presents the top factors for successful support solutions.
 M2M Opportunities in Consumer Markets Multiple factors are converging to open up new opportunities in M2M in connected cars, connected and mobile CE, connected home systems, and digital health and home monitoring. This whitepaper examines M2M opportunities in new consumer markets.
Enabling Connected Media Experiences: Mastering Video Delivery, User Engagement, and Monetization Strategies This whitepaper, sponsored by mPortal, assesses the impact of connected device ownership and digital media use on cross-platform video delivery, discovery, and monetization strategies. Key topics include the hyperconnected consumer, adoption of mobile and connected CE, time spent watching video by platform, second-screen activities, challenges in capturing consumer attention, and strategies to deliver quality user experiences.
Residential Gateway Trends: Bringing Value Home This whitepaper analyzes the central role of residential gateways in the connected home. It also defines different levels of RGs and discusses market trends driving deployment and design of RGs, including the need for differentiation through software.
Expanding to the Home Network: The Evolution of Premium Support Expanding to the Home Network: The Evolution of Premium Support examines the growing ecosystem of connected devices and analyzes the current market for premium tech support services. It also discusses opportunities for service providers, retailers, CE manufacturers, and ISVs (independent software vendors).
Moving from Second Screen to First Screen  The mobile platform is moving from a peripheral position in the TV ecosystem to a key role in the consumer's viewing experience. This new whitepaper, developed for iMediaShare, examines the current and future role of mobile devices in TV viewing and entertainment experiences.
Engaging Consumers: Home Energy Management Solutions Consumers’ energy-saving activities have remained flat from 2011 to 2012, much lower than the heights of 2010. This whitepaper from Parks Associates features findings from the Energy Management Devices: Engaging Consumers consumer project to illustrate and analyze current market trends and highlight business opportunities for OEMs, utilities, service providers, and hardware manufacturers.
Residential Energy Savings through Data Analytics In this whitepaper, Parks Associates explores how data analytics and thermodynamic modeling in the residential energy sector deliver continuous energy savings. Data analytics presents a new approach to address usage and savings problems in residential HVAC and energy, while connected devices and smart meters can validate actual savings from these smart systems.
Trends, Technologies, and Ecosystems: Evolution of the Digital Home The evolution of the connected home continues toward increasing complexity, with a growing collection of CE devices, broadband-enabled services, and multifunction residential gateways. Devices and services must continually offer more: more functions, more speed, and more consumer benefits. In this new whitepaper, Parks Associates analyzes the factors impacting the connected home, leveraging our industry and consumer expertise to determine the key trends of 2013.
Applying Theory to Action: Capturing New Revenues from IP Services Providers believe IP features and benefits will reinvigorate the market, but questions remain as to how, when, and where to deploy. This whitepaper details how industry players can use Parks Associates’ Theory of Relevancy to determine which tactics to use when adding or introducing connected home features to their markets.
The Real Healthcare Changes On The Way The healthcare industry is shifting to a consumer-centric model. Patients are demanding more interactive solutions, and the industry sees an opportunity to cut costs. This new whitepaper examines the trends driving changes in the healthcare industry. It includes current examples of forward-looking business models and the implications for technologies and services supporting the healthcare industry.  
Connected TV Environments: The Next Iteration of TV Advertising This whitepaper, commissioned by Rovi, presents new insight on connected TV viewers, with data from multiple global studies commissioned by Rovi Corporation. It analyzes smart TV household growth, connected TV viewer profiles, content engagement levels, and connected TV advertising effectiveness.
Using TV Everywhere to Drive Premium TV Services This whitepaper, developed by Parks Associates for Irdeto, reviews the current market for video services and details how service providers can shift their strategies to drive adoption of premium services and create new revenues. Topics include consumer research on cord cutters and cord shavers, refocusing TV Everywhere strategies to drive revenues, analysis of different TV Everywhere and VOD business models, and keys to success — role of content, interfaces, connected CE, and ease of use.
Expanding Role of the Service Provider — From Music to Games to the Connected Home Service growth is down as a result of this near saturation in developed countries, so service providers are anxious to compensate. Opportunities for value-added services span such categories as entertainment, technical support, home management, energy services, and healthcare.  Each one offers a unique value proposition, and service companies view these services as means to retain customers and as platforms for future revenue growth. This whitepaper examines the markets for these different value-added services.
Getting Over-the-Top Video Right The market for home video entertainment is changing rapidly. Consumers are watching an increasing amount of video on an increasing number of platforms. Connected CE is also changing video consumption on the TV. These changes are simultaneously lowering entry barriers and creating new requirements for companies aiming to offer a comprehensive home entertainment service. This whitepaper, sponsored by Siemens CMT, looks at current OTT video solutions, requirements for success in this market, and analysis of consumer research on their expectations and current usage of video solutions. SIEMENS OTT SWIPE enables Zee New Media, a leading Bollywood content creator, to launch India’s first and only OTT TV distribution platform: DITTO TV. This platform will transform the way content is consumed and monetized and they are thrilled to be at the helm of this revolution.
Mobile Payment - Stepping into Uncharted Territory This whitepaper looks at the disruptive force of mobile payments and emerging business opportunities for new and established players, from Google to Square to Barnes & Noble. Topics: Market Segmentation and Key Players The Consumer Perspective Market Growth Projections U.S. Market Growth Prospects, Catalysts, and Potential Leaders Solutions for In-Person and Remote Mobile Payments Mobile/Digital Wallets Barcode Apps, NFC solutions, Payment Acceptance, and PSMS/WAP Billing
Trends in Digital Gaming: Free-to-Play, Social, and Mobile Games The popularity of online games and digital distribution of games has increased along with the number of devices people can use to access and play videogames. This whitepaper examines the impact of this increase in the number of gamers and new monetization options created by mobile gaming.
The Data-driven Video Discovery Evolution Today, a plethora of video experiences and viewing devices is expanding video’s role to an interactive, converged, and personalized entertainment experience. Between the choices that consumers have among live television, DVR recordings, video-on-demand, and video options via the Internet, there is an increasingly fragmented “television” experience. Not only are the options for receipt of video expanding, the number of products capable of rendering a high-quality video experience is increasing. Parks Associates forecasts that unit sales of connected consumer electronics—including smartphones and tablets—will grow from more than 640 million units in 2011 to nearly 1.8 billion by 2015. The implications to service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and content owners of this fragmented video experience are significant. Questions about brand erosion, reduced advertising revenues, and loyalty are raised as consumer options increase. The Data-driven Video Discovery Evolution examines the phenomenon of video fragmentation and evaluates how an effective search and recommendation solution can benefit service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and content owners in creating a more highly personalized and revenue-beneficial experience.
The Opportunity for National Brands in SMB Technical Support Services This whitepaper details the current state and future potential of national technical support services in the SMB market. Developed for PlumChoice, it addresses key trends emerging from SMB support offerings: SMB IT expenses Future spending Remote access services Market opportunities for service providers and other players  
Service Providers and the Connected Home The multitude of components in the digital home forces Service Providers to undertake new roles in the digital home. This white paper details the steps broadband, television, communications, and wireless service providers can take to win the race to serve the digital home.  
Global Consumer Survey of In-Home Mobile Services and Femtocells This white paper analyzes the results of a Parks Associates global consumer study on attitudes toward femtocells and femtocell benefits among users of mobile services. This global consumer study reveals more than one-half of mobile consumers (59%) find femtocells attractive and confirmed a long-held hypothesis that boosting in-home service coverage is the main driver of interest.
Independent/Assisted Living Industry in the U.S. In this white paper, Parks Associates’ analyst Harry Wang provides perspectives on the U.S. independent/assisted living industry by analyzing industry drivers, consumer perceptions and needs, market structure, prevailing business models, and outlooks.
U.S. Consumer Attitudes on In-Home Mobile Services and Femtocells The consumer research and analysis described in this white paper were commissioned by the Femto Forum on behalf of its members. The Femto Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation founded in 2007 to promote femtocell deployment worldwide.
The Connected TV and Video Experience: Recommendations, Search, and the User Interface The user interface (UI) has emerged as a key factor in the success (or failure) of the connected home. This new white paper examines its evolving role, new demands on these solutions, and opportunities to monetize the UI.
Delivering a More Tolerable Ad Consumer Acceptance of Advertising Tactics Nearly one-half of U.S. broadband households are neutral or open to the idea of receiving personally relevant ads, but response depends on who you ask. This white paper explores the nuances of consumer response to advanced advertising techniques.
European Mobile Market: Beyond Price-based Strategies This new white paper examines challenges for mobile carriers in Europe and strategies to sustain ARPU and expand their base of postpaid users. Most efforts fall into two basic categories: Postpaid subscriber additions and conversions More effective monetization of network data capacities Carriers pursuing these solutions through innovation and diverse service offerings will fare far better than those with data strategies based on pricing policies and service bundling. This white paper examines these New Strategies for European Carriers, with examples including T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, and Telefonica.
Consumer Attitudes and the Benefits of Smart Grid Technologies Parks Associates provides consumer research and analysis on the diffusion of smart grid technologies.
Google TV - Searching for Success In this whitepaper, Parks Associates reviews the connected CE landscape and analyzes the strategy behind Google's entry into the connected TV market. The research firm looks at the pros and cons of Google's strategy and the likely reaction of pay-TV service providers.
The Necessity of Content Flexibility in the Connected Home Balancing content protection with the consumer desire for multiplatform access has been a persistent challenge in the development of connected home and digital lifestyles solutions. This white paper examines the challenge of balancing the expectations of consumers, who demand multiple options for consuming content, with the requirements of content owners, who  fear that once content is on the network, it is vulnerable to misuse and piracy.
Rural Broadband Services and The Digital Home This paper explores broadband strategies for providers serving rural areas, including how they can move beyond “speeds and feeds” to keep subscribers happy while setting the foundation for future high-value services.
Broadband Services: The Turning Point Broadband services are commoditized, and customer satisfaction and retention are critical to near-term survival. This white paper explores broadband strategies for providers facing this challenging market, including how they can move beyond “speeds and feeds” to keep subscribers happy while setting the foundation for future high-value services.
IPTV and the Digital Home What has spurred subscriber growth in IPTV services? Why do consumers choose one provider over another? This new white paper from Parks Associates looks at the role of telco/IPTV services within the larger context of the digital home.  
Digital Lifestyles and the Service Provider Service providers are currently facing issues brought on by the economic and housing crisis, slowing subscriber growth, and increased competition – where the right combination of services or the wrong pricing dynamics can woo subscribers from one carrier to the next. Although service providers’ priorities have been consistent over time, the steps necessary to fulfill them have changed. The major priorities include retaining current consumers, acquiring new consumers, and growing ARPU. This white paper looks at the service roadmap for providers as the market evolves.
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