This survey of U.S. small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) gauges their need for premium technical support services. This study provides insight into technical support needs, examines current tech support solutions, and looks at preferred providers and pricing.

Parks Associates surveyed several hundred owners, managers, and IT support decision makers from small and medium businesses across a number of industries for this project.

Key Benefits

  • Quantifies SMB demand for technical support services
  • Determines current provision of technical support
  • Identifies the technology products and services that require the most support
  • Identifies preferred providers and pricing
  • Segments the businesses most likely to use technical support services – by business type, number of employees and computers, etc.

Identifying the SMB Environment

  • SMB segmentation by type of business, location, and number of employees
  • Technology use within small businesses - number of computers/workstations, fax machines, copiers, etc.

Understanding Tech Support Needs

  • Triggers for seeking out and using technical support
  • Additional services where SMBs could use tech support

Understanding the Tech Support Environment

  • Current providers
  • On-site versus remote services
  • Levels of satisfaction
  • Triggers for switching support providers
  • Information sources for finding technical support services & providers
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