Connected Technology for SMBs: IT Services, Security & IoT examines the demand for IT services, premises and data security, and IoT systems among SMBs. The research measures the awareness, interest, perception, and adoption of connected technologies, cloud-based solutions, and IT/managed services among SMB decision makers.

The study also provides insight into opportunities for service providers, device and system makers, and IoT solution providers active or looking to compete in the small business sector.

Technology products and IT services for SMBs

  • Access and communication services
  • Premises and data security
  • IT and cloud-based services
  • Servers and networks
  • Computing and mobile platforms
  • IoT products and services

Emerging product and solution areas

  • Smart automation technologies (lighting, HVAC, others)
  • Networked video cameras, apps, and software
  • Sensors and controllers
  • SaaS (software-as-a-service) offerings
  • Premise security offerings

Awareness and adoption of products and services

Fears / concerns about security

Perception / attitudes towards technology

Business needs

Sources / vendors

Price sensitivity

Preferred business models

This Research Identifies:

  • Opportunities for new product and service offerings among SMBs
  • Target groups for managed services
  • Attitudes regarding the security of cloud services and their trust in these offerings
  • Pain points for SMBs in choosing and implementing new solutions
  • Success factors in selling to SMBs

Online survey of 750-1,000 U.S. companies with less than 250 employees.

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