Smart Product Market Assessments provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of a single smart product market.

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The Smart Thermostat Market Assessment is now available. It addresses the following major questions:

1) How big is the smart thermostat market in the U.S. currently and projected over the next 5 years?
2) What is driving market growth? What barriers exist to growth?
3) Who are the key players and what are their defining characteristics?
4) What features and factors influence consumers’ purchasing decisions?
5) What are the key elements impacting the user experience?
6) What is the appeal of new purchase models, including incentives for purchase and a hardware-as-a-service model?

Table of Contents (Smart Thermostats)

Executive Summary

Market Landscape

Market Barriers

Market Drivers

Key Players to Note

5-Year Forecast: Unit Sales and Revenues

Consumer Survey Findings

Smart Thermostat Market Context: Familiarity, Ownership, Purchases, Intentions

Purchase Journey

User Experience

Impact of Energy Efficiency Incentives

Concept Testing

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